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Podcast: Digital Retailing Is Here to Stay

Jason Girdner of TECOBI discusses how to provide your customers with an excellent digital retailing experience.

Digital Retailing Is Here to Stay

Rather than viewing digital retail as the enemy, instead, view it as an extension of your showroom that helps you make that sale.

Darwin Automotive Now Offers Auto Dealers Guided Digital Retailing

Auto dealers can now offer customers guided digital retailing through deep integration between Darwin and leading digital communications company, ActivEngage.

WebBuy Launches New Digital Retailing Application

The digital retail application that enables consumers to buy/lease their next vehicle completely online.

PureCars Survey Shows Where Consumers Are Leveraging Digital Retailing

The survey results illustrate where consumers are most interested, and the changing role digital advertising is playing in driving people to the showroom.

Webinar: Effective Marketing During Uncertain Times

Learn how to market to prospects with the right message at the right time, and much more!

The Story That Vroom’s Ad Isn’t Telling for Retailers

To truly power this environment going forward, retailers need a more transparent environment where pricing and payments are more inline with what consumers expect to see.

Podcast: Best Practices for Implementing Digital Retailing

Chris Gugliottao of WebBuy discusses tips for implementing digital retailing at your dealership.

How All Components Are in Place for Automotive Digital Retailing in 2021

Many components must be artfully tied together to deliver transparent messaging for every step of the customers’ journey.

Keys to Implementing Digital Retailing at Your Dealership, Part 1

Dealers who are serious about boosting sales to customers who want an Amazon-like transaction need to do their homework.

Podcast: How to Improve the Digital Retailing Experience

Rusty West of Market Scan discusses how dealers can use data and technology to improve the digital retailing experience. Debuts Digital Marketing Solutions at NADA 2021

At the 2021 virtual NADA show, is unveiling new innovations to help dealerships, with its end-to-end digital marketing solution. NADA