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Throttle-By-Wire Diagnostics

Throttle-by-wire systems proactively manage the air and fuel going into the combustion chamber.

Knock Sensor Diagnostics

The knock sensor is not the only sensor responsible for detecting engine knock.

TPMS Diagnostics

The features of new TPMS scan tools lead the way for us as technicians to make short work of diagnosing a problem.

Drivetrain Test Drive

Premature center bearing failure could be the result of many factors. Read more on what contributes to drivetrain failures.

ECM No Communication Issues

The source of the problem could be software, electrical or mechanical.

Battery Season

Talk with your customers and ask them questions about how often they drive the vehicle, how far they drive on average, etc. Use this information to help find the right battery for them.

Key Diagnostics and Programming

Key and security system diagnostics are not that much different than driveability diagnostics.

Snap-on Offers New Customer Training for Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics Tools

This free online training provides support for ZEUS, TRITON-D10 and APOLLO-D9 tools.

Causes of No-Spark Conditions

A no-spark condition could be the result of communication errors or missing data from a dead module.

5 Spark Plug Tips

Here are five little-known tips about spark plug replacement that you probably didn’t learn in school.

spark plug
asTech Duo is All-in-One Solution for Remote and Local Scanning, Diagnostics

Customers have a choice of two diagnostic scan types: remote OEM scan or a local OEM-compatible scan.

Direct Injection and Driveability Diagnostics

Direct injection can be a diagnostic challenge, but with the right foundation, problems can be solved profitably.