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How to Better Operate the Detail Department

In most dealerships today, the responsibility for the management of the detail department is problematic because the detail department is, in most dealerships, the one that nobody wants to claim.

Why Dealers Have Problems with their Detail Department

If the title of this article offends you because you don’t have problems with your detail department, then please do not read any further. This article is for those dealers who can honestly admit they have problems in the operation of their in-house detail department.

Utilizing Customer Service to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction starts the moment the customer enters your service department but it doesn’t have to end when they leave.

Do You Know What’s Going on in Your Service Department?

In the processes of operating a busy service department, even the best leaders and managers can lose track of big-picture concepts, such as your team’s performance, attitude and morale.

Podcast: Fixed Ops and the Consumer

Don Shaffer of Motorcars Toyota speaks with us about fixed operations, its role in the overall dealership operation and ways to better serve customers.

Don Shaffer Podcast
Podcast: Provide Your Service Customers with More

Patrick Fletch of AlloyGator Wheel Protection speaks with us about ways to offer more to your dealership’s service customers.

Patrick Fletch podcast