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Dealer Image Pro Announces New YouTube Web Series

Viewers will get an up-close look at the passion that drives top dealers, their secrets to success and their perspectives on the future of car sales, all presented in an engaging and comedic format.

Dealer Image Pro Announces New YouTube Web Series
Survey Shows Continued Disparity in Dealers’ Importance of Quality Online Photos

Dealer Image Pro announced results from a survey it commissioned at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Show in January.

Dealer Image Pro™ Announces Tree Planting and Carbon Reduction Partnership with Ecologi

Dealer Image Pro, a leader in professional photo, video, and interactive 360º software for automotive dealerships, announced it has partnered with Ecologi.

Dealer Image Pro Industry Survey Shows Nearly Half of Automotive Dealers Are Not Satisfied With Their Automotive Merchandising Preferred Vendors

Dealer Image Pro announced results from a survey it commissioned to understand the level of satisfaction dealers are having with their preferred vendors.

How Window Sticker and Buyer’s Guide Generation Solutions Can Streamline the Automotive Retail Process

To help advance all aspects of the automotive merchandising process, dealers need to have access to software that can easily be accessed from a mobile device, like an iPad, to help streamline window sticker and buyer’s guide generation.

Why It’s Important to Photograph Blemishes on Reconditioned Vehicles

Whether the reconditioned vehicle has scrapes, dents and scratches on the exterior, or even wear and tear with the interior, it’s important for dealership photographer vendors to be transparent and offer to display features of these blemishes on the dealership’s online vehicle detail page (VDP) to ultimately help the customer make an informed buying decision.

Executive Spotlight with Peter Duffy of Dealer Image Pro

Dealers can learn important lessons in vehicle photography and ways to best display their cars online.

Digitization in Automotive Merchandising Still Far Off

The photos and merchandizing process for today’s modern dealership is still not where it should be.