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Elevating the FTC Safeguards: Embracing a Defense in Depth Approach

In a serious cyberattack, a single security control may not be able to mitigate all the damage, but multiple controls working in unison can.

Elevating the FTC Safeguards: Embracing a Defense in Depth Approach
Latest Toyota Data Breach: Evidence of an Industry Under Attack

Hackers have identified the auto industry as ripe for the picking. Attackers often share information regarding potential targets and methods.

Latest Toyota Data Breach: Evidence of an Industry Under Attack
Executive Spotlight with Robbie Harriman of OCD Tech

Tune in to the video to learn about the prevailing cyber threats facing dealerships today.

OCD Tech's Robbie Harriman sheds light on cybersecurity threats in auto dealerships.
Understanding Business Email Compromise — the $43 Billion Scam

BEC and payment fraud are genuine threats to dealerships today. By following these suggestions, you can significantly reduce your risk.

Dealership Cybersecurity: Why a Proactive Approach Matters

Being proactive about cybersecurity is much cheaper and less painful than suffering the consequences of a breach.

Breaking Down Cybercrime in Automotive

Your dealership is a treasure trove of data. Think about it… names, phone numbers, addresses, work details, salary, and social security numbers for hundreds, if not thousands, of consumers. Financial details about their vehicle purchases. Credit card information from service. The list goes on and on. All of this data makes dealerships a prime target

Reynolds Acquires Cybersecurity and IT Firm Proton

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company offers dealerships cybersecurity and more by adding Proton Dealership IT to its portfolio.

TorchLight and VTech Help Automobile Dealerships Implement Cybersecurity Practices Needed for Graham-Leach-Bliley Act

TorchLight and Dealer IT today announced they have expanded their partnership to support dealerships that are meeting Graham-Leach-Bliley Act privacy standards.

How Dealerships Can Protect Themselves from Cyber Threats Amidst a Pandemic

Check out these cyber security best practices, which can help auto dealers build a strong and holistic defense against cyber criminals.

Helion Warns Auto Dealers at Risk for Cyber Attacks in 2020

Expect to see an entirely new threat as cybercriminals deploy artificial intelligence to create mutating malware that’s capable of learning.

Cyber Security 101

Cyber security breaches can come from a variety of places, including disgruntled employees, professional hackers or sophisticated foreign countries engaged in espionage. However, simple precautions can eliminate a nightmare scenario of a cyber breach within your dealership.

Top 2 Cybersecurity Threats for Auto Dealers in 2020

Dealerships are vulnerable to cyberattacks because they store personal and sensitive information for thousands of customers.