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I Don’t Understand

Why do dealerships spend enormous amounts of money to stay on the cutting edge of technology and marketing, but then make it virtually impossible to do business?

Are Your Customers “Attitudinally Loyal” – And Why Should You Care? (Part 1)

Customer loyalty can be broken down into two key categories: behavioral loyalty and attitudinal loyalty. Behavioral loyalty refers to your repeat customers. They continuously buy vehicles and service from your dealership over time, out of habit or necessity.

Auto/Mate Releases Free eBook: The Auto Dealer’s Guide to Team Building

Auto/Mate Dealership Systems announced recently the release of a free eBook for download titled The Auto Dealer’s Guide to Team Building. The eBook was developed to guide auto dealers through the process of turning managers and employees in various departments into one cohesive, productive and motivated team.

Do Your Clients Really Want “Real Quick” Service?

We all think we know what clients want — but do we really? Google has done some interesting research regarding our service customer’s opinions.

10 Loyalty Tips: How to Build a Strong Repeat/Referral Customer Base, Part 1

Investing in my repeat and referral customers had created the opportunity for me to produce at the highest level delivering 30 to 40 vehicles or more per month working four days per week, seeing customers by appointment only and earning a solid six-figure income.