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3 Steps for Dealers to Create a More Customer-Focused Strategy

As inventory continues to challenge dealers and interest rates begin to rise, dealers are beginning to look for opportunities to continue turning customers.

Customer Satisfaction: The Carwash Connection

What’s the best way to deliver a level of cleanliness that ticks your customers’ boxes?

Podcast: The Benefits of Adding a Carwash to Your Dealership

Keith Gronau of Mark VII discusses how the addition of a carwash can be of benefit to a dealership.

ENG Announces 4th Edition Automotive Warranty Management Conference

The conference will provide attendees with immediate implementable warranty program strategies that drive customer satisfaction and continuous improvement and offers an invaluable opportunity to share best practices, challenges and solutions for collaboration amongst the warranty value chain.

Podcast: Differentiate Your Dealership Through Video

Steve Pearson, CEO of Friendemic, joins us to discuss ways to differentiate your dealership through video.

BMW of North America Introduces Smart Glasses and New Technician Communication Systems at U.S. Dealerships to Reduce Repair Times and Improve Customer Satisfaction.

The introduction of these new innovations at BMW centers, coupled with the company’s ongoing investment in its training facilities and technician training programs not only reinforces BMW’s reputation as a technology leader, but is another example of the company’s customer-first approach.

Not My Job

Here’s a tip. If you don’t whether something is allowed, if you don’t know how to do something or if you don’t know the answer to a customer’s questions, go find someone who does know. Your ignorance should never be the customer’s problem, and it won’t kill you to learn something new.

How Mobile Tablets Increase Customer Satisfaction

With training and time, employees will not only adapt to but embrace using mobile tablets. Remember when we switched from typewriters to computers? Employees everywhere resisted, vowing to never give up their IBM Selectrics.

GM’s New Warranty Program May Hurt, Not Help Dealers

A DOWC program has the ability to assist with both of these challenges while offering the customer exactly the peace of mind they seek in keeping their cars and trucks on the road for as long as possible.

Dealers Turn Detail Departments Into Revenue Sources

Lean production techniques organize equipment, personnel and materials to enhance sales, productivity and quality while minimizing waste.

AutoLoop Teams Up With Hyundai to Offer the Ultimate Service Lane Solution for the Hyundai Service Lane Technology Program

Hyundai dealers in the United States will be able to modernize the service retail experience to help drive profitability and customer satisfaction.

Ways Your Dealership’s F&I Employees Can Drive Customer Satisfaction

The F&I department is critical to the overall success of your dealership. As consumers increasingly walk into dealerships armed with more information than ever before, this leaves dealership sales teams much less room for negotiation, and results in smaller profit margins.