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Podcast: F&I Accuracy and Transparency

Tony Dupaquier of iA American Warranty Group discusses how accurate F&I information and transparency is beneficial.

Podcast: Success Strategies During Inventory Shortages

Kevin LeSage of Autotrader discusses strategies dealers can use for continued success amid inventory shortages.

Strategies for Dealer Success Amid Inventory Shortage

Beyond dealerships’ physical inventory, new lead generation and audience creation online will be essential for combatting current supply constraints and increasing profitability.

Why Improved Customer Data Management Can’t Wait

Delays in deciding how to manage your customer information might lead to losing out on a good quote, or finding yourself understaffed at crunch time.

Podcast: Utilize Your Customer Data

Todd Smith, President and CEO for 360Converge, joins us to discuss how dealerships can better utilize their customer data in their marketing efforts.

Is Your Data Living on an Island Doing Nothing for You?

Most automotive CRMs present only a snapshot of your customers’ data, which will decay over time unless you are working hard to keep your database “evergreen.” Your dealership’s job is to effectively gather data and protect it to give your dealership the competitive advantage it needs to flourish.