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Prejudging Creditworthiness Can Cost You Sales

Today, there are better loan products for consumers whose creditworthiness isn’t reflected in traditional credit scoring metrics.

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Questionable F&I Practices Aren’t Worth the Risk to Your Business

Regulators are taking a hawk-eyed view of the market right now. Now is not the time to get fast and loose with your deal jackets.

Experian Go program will allow millions of credit invisibles to start building credit in minutes

Industry first program can help consumers get their first FICO Score without going into debt

Flagship Credit Acceptance Named to ‘Best Workplaces in Texas’ by Great Place To Work

Flagship previously earned certification as a Great Place to Work in November 2020.

Digital Air Strike Wins 2 National Awards for Credit Prequalification Technology

Credit Logix technology leverages AI to find the best available vehicles from the dealership’s inventory to match consumers to specific vehicles based on their unique credit capacity.

7 Tips to Reduce Your Auto Dealer Bond Costs

An auto dealer license carries many different requirements, including but not limited to the need for an auto dealer bond. Licensed auto dealers can take the following steps to ensure the price they pay for an auto dealer bond fits well within their operating budget.

Employment Screening and Credit Reports

Pulling credit reports on a customer makes sense when determining the credit worthiness of a person who may be financing a car or other item. However, pulling a credit report based upon a person seeking employment with a company is a whole different matter.

Subprime Originations Roar Back, Protect Yourself

Over the past few years, concern grew that the auto industry was driving the next credit crisis with ever-increasing subprime loans.

Effective Ways to Capture In-Market Car Buyers Who are Looking to Purchase Now

We know that all dealerships are not created equal when it comes to helping consumers with subprime credit. Most dealers don’t have the lenders, inventory or knowledge to help these people.

Never Lose a Customer Again

Database monitoring is one of the most effective ways to market to your customers, utilizing accurate information from the credit bureau.

F&I Solutions Section: Benefits of Pulling Multiple Bureaus to Find the Best Deal

Did you know that the average difference between a typical lender credit tier is less than 30 points? More importantly, there is only a 96-point spread between a top credit tier (excellent credit) to a lower tier (credit challenged).

The Benefits of Pulling Multiple Bureaus to Find the Best Deal for Your Customers

The point spread between credit bureaus can range from minimal (5-10 points) to well over 100 points. The average spread is between 40 to 50 points. So why do credit scores vary between bureaus?