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Experian Go program will allow millions of credit invisibles to start building credit in minutes

Industry first program can help consumers get their first FICO Score without going into debt

RouteOne’s Digital Retail Services Now Include Customer Prequalification

Prequalification functionality provides dealers with visibility into a consumer’s credit worthiness and requires only the consumer’s name and address to request a credit score and credit report.

Consumers Empowered to Boost Credit Score with Experian Boost

The program empowers consumers to add positive payment history directly into their Experian credit file for an opportunity to instantly increase their FICO Score.

The Benefits of Pulling Multiple Bureaus to Find the Best Deal for Your Customers

The point spread between credit bureaus can range from minimal (5-10 points) to well over 100 points. The average spread is between 40 to 50 points. So why do credit scores vary between bureaus?

Tax Lien, Civil Judgment Data Could be Removed From Credit Scores; Decision Shines Light on Need for Accurate Reporting From the Legal System

Earlier this month, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion announced they will remove some tax lien and civil judgment data from credit reports starting around July 1.