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Create a Clear Path to Conversion

Aim to emulate the ideal showroom experience by translating it to the digital world.

Increase Lead Connection Rates with Video

Do you ever have trouble connecting with leads? Most salespeople struggle with this on a regular basis. It’s amazing that some people take the time to contact you and ask some initial questions, then completely ignore your phone calls and emails.

How to Stay Ahead, Connect With and Verify Today’s Car Buyers for a Successful Close

Part of understanding buyers is developing a complete view of them, which can aid dealers and their preferred lenders to offer more specialized and customer-focused service, while also helping to mitigate risk.

Google Study: 75 Percent of Auto Shoppers Influenced by Video

Skeptics could argue that a number of factors influence auto shoppers on their journey. But this study focused on the research phase of the car-buying process, and in particular, video’s ability to convert car shoppers into car buyers.

Trusting the Machine

Eric Brown of LotLinx on how AI and machine learning can allow dealers to add the human touch to sales.

Myth Busting Your Website Strategy

Here are the four most common myths that auto dealers believe and that are cause for their dealership’s greatest pain points.

Slow and Steady Never Wins When It Comes to Your Website

Pole position on the racetrack is important, but it doesn’t guarantee a win. It is, however, strongly correlated with top-five finishes, including first place. Think of your Website like a race car. When you consider its value and performance relative to selling cars, a blazing-fast Website is your marketing cornerstone.

Losing Conversations Means Losing Customers

Granted, the latest and greatest tools can help your dealership succeed. But don’t let your business be blinded by the glitter of new shiny objects, especially when your best sales and customer service tool can be as simple as a phone.

Podcast: Metrics for High-Performing Websites

Outsell’s Amanda Meuwissen joins us to discuss the metrics that separate high-performing Websites from ineffective online efforts.

Amanda Meuwissen Featured
Feast or Famine? Not If You Know How To Prospect!

Times are tough, but as an old adage reminds us, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” In the automotive industry, good salespeople know how to ride economic waves.

Morgan Auto Turns Up Sales by Tuning Up Internet Lead Conversion

The Florida-based dealership chain posted an impressive 2.2 percent increase in same-store sales last year, handily beating the mere 0.3 percent growth for the industry.

That organic growth came at a time when Morgan was aggressively buying and consolidating other dealerships to make it one of the fastest-growing dealership chains in the country.Morgan leaped 29 rungs on the Automotive News Top 150 Dealers list this year, clocking in at No. 49 (the first time it cracked the top 50). New unit sales soared 45 percent last year, with total sales projected to hit $1.45 billion this year.

Solving the Automotive Digital Marketing Puzzle: Budgets, Inventory and Funnels

As a kid, I remember it taking me about an hour and a half to solve the original Rubik’s Cube. It was deductive “if-then” reasoning that got me through that task then and still guides me today. I’ll admit, though, that it sometimes takes me longer than an hour and a half to solve some of today’s automotive digital marketing puzzles (wink, wink).