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Dealership Excellence Depends on 4 Words

Accountability, communication, comprehension and consistency, when taken to heart and applied by dealership management, truly are the four most important words in achieving excellence.

How Often Should You Train?

Consistent training means adding hours to an already long work week. A well-trained team will benefit the entire dealership.

Master of All: Why Executing on Just a Few Marketing Channels is No Longer Good Enough

To be truly competitive in such a landscape, dealers increasingly have to be not “jacks” of all marketing channels, but masters of all marketing channels.

Stop the Turnover: A Frank Look at Why Your Service Advisors are Leaving

If we focus on the needs of our people, they’ll be more satisfied with their current career instead of looking to the next one. That will reduce our employee turnover and create more consistency with our customers, which is a key component to keeping your guests coming back.