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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Dealership Compliance

Here are some of the reasons your compliance program might not be working as well as it should be.

ComplyNet, AFIP Announce Compliance and Certification Alliance at NADA

ComplyNet will offer AFIP F&I certifications and F&I courses from the ABLE compliance management software.

Cover Your Assets: Shield Your Dealership From Hazards

Join AutoSuccess for a free webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 20. where we will discuss hazards that dealerships face.

Questions Dealers Need to Ask Their F&I Product Providers

Given the complexity of regulation, how does a dealer know if their products are compliant with current law?

How to Get Buy-In for New Dealership Solutions

There’s no denying that technology of all kinds is changing faster than we can keep up. That’s why decision makers may be skeptical of purchasing any kind of technology for the dealership. So, what do you do when you want to implement a new solution and need to get the decision maker on board?

Just Because You Have New Technology, Doesn’t Make You Compliant

Not long ago, I was visiting with a dealer and the recent rash of articles concerning compliance came up. As I shared what I knew on the subject and the current climate concerning fines and penalties, the dealer sat back, smiled and said, “I’m good. We use a menu.”

Onboarding: Does Your Program Cover the 5 C’s?

Every one of the five Cs is essential to making an employee feel welcomed, comfortable and valued, and productive at their new job.

This is How We’ve Always Done It, Your Honor

When it comes to following rules, being compliant and running a smooth operation, dealers need to be dealers. That means, focus on what you do best and reach out for help concerning the right tools.

Do Your F&I Practices Make You Vulnerable to Profit Leaks

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “vulnerable” as “open to attack or damage.” Synonyms for the word include exposed and liable. All would apply if you’re not implementing best practices in F&I.

F&I Solutions Section: The Power of the F&I Menu

The finance department has never been more critical to the success of a dealership than it is today. While there are several components necessary to build a strong F&I department, none are more important than the use of an F&I menu.

Are You Making What You Should in Fixed Ops?

If your Net is not increasing, compare your year over year Sales, Gross Profits and Expenses to help you determine if your Sales and Gross Profits are too low or if your Expenses too high … or is it BOTH?

A New Service CRM: Mobile Lane and Shop Platform Streamlines Customer Experience

Implementing new technology and changing processes are massive undertakings. See how one dealership ensured the correct decision was made the first time.