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Digital Warfare

Customers are demanding dramatic changes to the car shopping experience and they are voting with their wallets. As a result, third-party sites are growing in their influence on consumers, so dealers need to be aware of how to leverage these sites to complement what they’re doing with their own website and direct marketing efforts.

Strategies for Helping Your Salespeople Work as a Team

If you ever want to motivate someone, give them someone to compete with and a reward to work toward. Think about it: which would motivate you more: “Go sell 10 cars” or “Sell more cars than everyone else and get a spiff”?

Podcast: Gaining Tactical Advantages

Kevin Bradberry, president of dealer services for Atlas Dealer Services, joins us to discuss how dealerships can gain a tactical advantage over price-driven competition.

How Incoming Calls Can Ruin You

It’s called owner retention and the best way to retain a customer is to provide them with the highest level of service possible and to always exceed their expectations. That usually begins with a phone call.

Three Ways Data Can Help Your Dealership Beat the Competition

When your dealership masters and utilizes the information accessible to you — whether in terms of industry knowledge, technology updates or lead details — you go far beyond enhancing your own knowledge; you can map better strategies, provide a better customer experience and reach more shoppers.

Podcast: Connecting with Your Customers

Bill Wittenmyer of ELEAD1ONE returns to discuss increasing the connection between your dealership and your customers.

Bill Wittenmyer podcast
How to Determine Your Service Marketing Budget

As new and used vehicle margins decline and you rely on your service department to contribute a greater percentage to your store’s gross profit, why wouldn’t you spend more on service marketing?

Up in a Down Market: Inventory and Competition, Part 4

Certain vehicles sell quicker in certain colors and packages than others, so we use technology to determine what the fastest-moving vehicles at any given time in the market would be and that’s what we try to acquire.

Podcast: Maximizing Repair Orders and Profits

Don Reed, CEO of DealerPRO Training, on maximizing repair orders and profits in the service department.

Don Reed podcast
Ditch the Purple Gorilla: Create a Dealership for Today’s Customer

Is your dealership set up to be proactive and make the most of that 21 percent of customers’ time? Or are you stuck in old processes built for old customer shopping patterns?

Podcast: Taking the Steps Others Don’t for Sales Dominance

Sales Trainer Marsh Buice on taking the steps others don’t to dominate the sales game.