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Making the CRM the Hub of All Customer Communications

Even in today’s digital age, a phone call can be the difference between winning or losing a lead. Dealerships are losing the majority of their hottest leads within the first 15 seconds of each call.

The True Cost of Turnover and How Dealerships Can Fuel Retention

With the plateau of car sales in 2017 and margin compression in full swing, dealerships need to look internally to identify new ways to save costs and protect their bottom line.

Podcast: Staffing Challenges and Opportunities

Chase Abbott, vice president of sales for VinSolutions and Dealertrack F&I, joins us to discuss dealership staffing challenges and opportunities.

The ROI of a Proactive Dealership Culture

There’s a hard dealership truth those of us in this business confront every day: Staff turnover is incredibly high. According to Cox Automotive’s Dealership Staffing Study, the average annual turnover at a dealership is 40 percent, with an astounding 67 percent turnover rate for salespeople. Most dealers know turnover affects their business, but many dealers think there’s nothing they can do about it.

Ditch the Purple Gorilla: Create a Dealership for Today’s Customer

Is your dealership set up to be proactive and make the most of that 21 percent of customers’ time? Or are you stuck in old processes built for old customer shopping patterns?

GO PRO: How to Harness the Power of Proactivity and Transform

After years of positive growth, the automotive industry is still adjusting to the current trend of declining consumer demand. What lies ahead may still be uncertain, but savvy dealers understand the need to confront the current sales environment by optimizing operations, increasing customer satisfaction and mining for new revenue streams.

The critical element to achieving those goals? Taking a proactive approach. Today’s most successful dealers aren’t waiting for opportunities to come to them. They are actively hunting down new ways to increase profit and decrease costs to push growth despite the challenging conditions. Read on for a closer look at the power of proactivity and how the approach helps dealerships thrive.

Closing the Revolving Door and Setting Up Your Employees for Success With Effective Training

Why is employee retention so important? The Society for Human Resource Management recently reported that the cost of replacing an employee can amount to six to nine months of that employee’s salary, while PwC found that the cost of losing an employee in the first year can be up to three times the person’s salary.