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Is Carvana a Giant Canary?

Carvana is a microcosm of the broader market or a giant canary in the automotive retail industry’s coal mine.

Friendemic Analyzes Consumer Reviews for CarMax and Carvana

Friendemic specializes in digital communication and reputation management tools for many of the world’s largest automotive and powersports brands, retail-level dealer groups, and individual dealerships. Friendemic software applications are developed exclusively for the automotive and powersports industries, with specific applications to support a dealership’s one-to-one and one-to-all communication with car shoppers and owners. Friendemic’s intuitive mobile applications streamline and bolster communication between dealership personnel and consumers, while management dashboards provide transparency and access to communication shared within the applications.

Digital Transformation of the Auto Industry

We explore how the most innovative companies are driving the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

Reinventing Retail

Now is the time to completely rethink and reengineer business models and to reinvent retail.

Digital Warfare

Customers are demanding dramatic changes to the car shopping experience and they are voting with their wallets. As a result, third-party sites are growing in their influence on consumers, so dealers need to be aware of how to leverage these sites to complement what they’re doing with their own website and direct marketing efforts.