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Study: Pandemic Kicks Auto Shopping Into Digital Overdrive

Adtaxi Unveils Data on Consumer Automotive Trends

The New and Improved Is Here

An online car-shopping marketplace launched a fresh, new look and features to 26 million monthly visitors and nearly 20,000 local dealers

Kelley Blue Book Names 10 Best Back-to-School Cars of 2019

The 2019-2020 school year is right around the corner, and many parents and students are thinking about their transportation needs to campus and activities.

Edmunds Report Reveals Newer, Lower-Mileage Used Vehicles Inundating Dealer Lots

Edmunds experts note that used vehicle prices are rising as a result of these newer, larger, and more contented used vehicles hitting dealer lots, but thanks to an oversupply of off-lease vehicles and rising new car prices, buying used still reflects significant savings over new alternatives.

F&I Express Launches Digital Solution to Help Drive Aftermarket Sales for Dealers

EDM gives F&I providers a powerful distribution network for their approved digital content, while giving those providers more control over how their aftermarket protection products are presented by digital retailing and menu companies.

Edmunds Trade-In Tool Touted By PCG Research

The dealer-centric trade-in tool by Edmunds provides a smooth customer experience, outlined in the PCG Research Report.

CarGurus 2018 Buyer Insight Report Dives Into Car Shopping Journey

Study Uncovers Most Car Shoppers Don’t Know What they Don’t Know.

How to Become a Great Car Salesperson Without Being Pushy

Here’s a secret — it’s easier than you think. All it takes is a shift in perspective, and the way opens right up. Here are four attitudes that add up to a great salesperson without scaring off your prospects.