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Turn Clicks into Car Sales: Unlock the Power of the Online Shopper

Dealers need to adjust their strategy to capture customers in the digital space. TrueCar has created an approach that is shaped to each consumer — and dealer — experience.

In the Passenger Seat

I recently found myself in the automotive retail passenger seat after an unfortunate accident this summer, and I had to fight off anxiety thinking of purchasing a new vehicle in the current automotive market.

Podcast: Millennials and the Car-Buying Process

Mike Shell of EZTech Platforms discusses the younger generation and how it prefers to buy cars.

Podcast: Electric Vehicles and the Change in the Online Car-Buying Journey

Dan Jackson of Driverbase discusses how the online car-buying journey is changing and how EVs are playing into that change.

Digital Warfare

Customers are demanding dramatic changes to the car shopping experience and they are voting with their wallets. As a result, third-party sites are growing in their influence on consumers, so dealers need to be aware of how to leverage these sites to complement what they’re doing with their own website and direct marketing efforts.