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Podcast: Phone Data to Fight Back Against COVID-19

Cory Wright, director of training for CallRevu, joins us discuss using phone data to fight back against COVID-19.

Car Wars Consolidates Dealership Phone Communication in its Latest Dashboard

Now, agents can handle each call in a way they never have before: with expertise, confidence and ease.

Car Wars Protects Businesses From Spam Call Surge During Mid-term Elections

As an industry leader in business telephony solutions, Car Wars leverages machine learning and proprietary algorithms to stop spam before it even reaches a business’ lines.

Stop Counting Outbound Calls and Start Measuring Customer Interactions

Every inbound call deserves an outbound call, whether that is replying to a caller’s message, confirming an appointment or acting on a CRM trigger.

How Incoming Calls Can Ruin You

It’s called owner retention and the best way to retain a customer is to provide them with the highest level of service possible and to always exceed their expectations. That usually begins with a phone call.

Using BI to Contact Active Prospective Customers

The average human has hundreds of regular habits. In many ways, it’s human habit formation that keeps the world moving.

dealerTEL Helps Dealerships Track Call Success at Most Crucial Point — After the Phone is Answered In-House

Dealers will be able to track not only where a call came in from, but also any and all interactions that happen once the call has been answered within the building.

Losing Conversations Means Losing Customers

Granted, the latest and greatest tools can help your dealership succeed. But don’t let your business be blinded by the glitter of new shiny objects, especially when your best sales and customer service tool can be as simple as a phone.