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The Rise of Digital Retail

Businesses are figuring out ways to stay competitive in the new landscape. One could argue that we are not selling more, but the way people are buying is shifting — to an online platform.

Digital Trust: Your Key to Long-Term Success

The digital marketing landscape is a rapidly changing one. Today, the modern shopper is armed with more intel and research on retail products and services than ever before.

Becoming the Dealership for Today’s, and Tomorrow’s, Consumers

“The way we’ve always done it” is a sentiment that keeps some dealerships from growing; in a few years that statement will be carved on their tombstone.

Your Best Defense is a Good Offense

The military adage “the best defense is a good offense” applies to selling cars, as well. If you keep moving forward, attracting new customers and advancing those customers down the path to purchase, your competitors are eliminated from consideration.

Understanding Millennial Shoppers: How Digital Messaging Gets Gen Y Into Your Dealership

If you want them to buy from your dealership, winning the hearts and minds of Millennial car buyers starts with understanding what makes them tick.

Connecting for Success: Streamline Your Processes to Increase Customer Loyalty – and Your Profits

Study after study shows that the vast majority of Americans dislike the car buying process and would make big changes to it if they could. This may sound like bad news, but it creates a big opportunity for you. If your customers leave your dealership with a good feeling, an unexpected good feeling, that directly results in appreciation and loyalty.

It’s Time for a Process Change

Let’s face it. In this day of Internet research and usage by all age groups, automotive sales is about two key elements: getting consumers to your dealership’s Website and then getting them to buy now (online or in-store) without wandering off to another dealership’s Website. No matter if it is a phone Up, an Internet