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Continuing the Incredible Climb

“People can be resistant to change, so you break that resistance down by embracing it, understanding it and putting focus on it. By embracing it, our team adapts to change pretty well.”

Podcast: Getting Out of Your Own Way

Master Trainer Duane Marino of Duane Marino Automotive Solutions shares ways to get out of your own way when selling vehicles.

Duane Marino Podcast Image
Podcast: Leadership and Decisions

On a special leadership episode of AutoSuccess: The Podcast, we’ve returned to past guest to ask them about the most important decisions they face daily as leaders in their company.

Building Leaders: When to Let Go, Part 2

“My job is to find the right leaders for the right job, make certain they are working from their position of strength and lay out the expectations. They need to know what we want, when we want it and what rules of our culture they must follow to get it done.”