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Binging on Google Adwords is an Unhealthy Diet: Add Some SEO

The most common marketing decision (blunder) that auto dealers make in an attempt to accelerate sales is to blindly increase their Google AdWords investments. While AdWords is a critical part of a competent online marketing strategy, dealers are overspending.

Brian Pasch Invests in Marketing Managers at DMSC

DMSC attracts the top technology and marketing professionals for a unique experience focused on the latest automotive digital marketing and sales solutions.

Dealers Are Waking Up to the True Value of Their Customer Data and Sales Attribution Models

To reach these objectives, dealership managers will need to embrace change. There are new metrics and methods to determine which marketing channels are supporting the goals of the business. One of the changes managers will need to embrace, for example, is that metrics such as cost per click (CPC), impression share, bounce rate, and time on site (TOS) should not be included in the list of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Challenging Myths: Auto Dealership Lead Performance Reports

While doing research for an upcoming book, I asked marketing managers and GMs how they evaluate the success of their marketing investments. While total sales opportunities and units sold per month are the ultimate KPIs, many dealers have flat-to-declining sales.

Are My TV Ads Generating Online and Offline Conversions?

In May 2017, Google announced a new product called Google Attribution 360, based on technology the company acquired in 2014 when it bought Adometry. I haven’t had the opportunity to see the product live, but it promises to close the data gap to help business owners determine which marketing investments are working for them. According

Organic Traffic is Misunderstood By Auto Dealers

When automotive marketing professionals invest the time to configure Google Analytics (GA) properly, new insights can be obtained into their marketing strategy. Data analysis can inspire new strategies to increase showroom traffic and profits. When marketing managers look at all the channels that are producing conversions and highly engaged traffic on their dealership Website, reports often

Who Sold the Car? Attribution Needs Organized Data

“Marketing analytics and attribution are hot topics of discussion at larger dealer groups seeking to intelligently reduce budgets in a slowing sales climate.”