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5 Types of Videos for Lead Follow-Up

Frustrated with no responses when following up on leads? These tips will help improve response rates.

4 Steps to a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Is your dealership properly leveraging your video content with an effective strategy? If not, you’ll probably be disappointed in the results.

Live Video Walk-Arounds in a Post-Pandemic World

Live video walkarounds are an easy and fast way to get consumers emotionally attached to a vehicle.

Leverage the Power of Video on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching new customers and influencing purchase behavior.

3 Hot Video Trends for 2021

Consider expanding your video marketing strategy in 2021. Take advantage of these hot video trends to connect with more customers and exceed their expectations.

3 Biggest Video Marketing Mistakes

If you don’t see significant improvement in website engagement and lead conversions, you could be making one of these video marketing mistakes.

Let’s Get Interactive

Interactive video presentations transform the consumer shopping experience by offering them total control.

What’s Your Online Merchandising Wow Factor?

If you’re using static photos to market a $50,000+ vehicle, and particularly stock photos from the manufacturer, you are doing car shoppers a great disservice.

How to Shoot Inventory Videos That Sell

Here’s a quick primer on how to shoot professional looking inventory videos that sell.

5 Tips for Better Video Email Marketing

Learn the dos and don’ts of video email marketing, and the tactic that will get more people to open your email.

Digital Retailing Requires Digital Showrooms

For an immersive and educational online car-buying experience, videos are the answer.

How to Make Your Own Game Day Commercial

Why not cash in on this buzz and create your dealership’s very own “big game” commercial? All it takes is some creativity and a camera.