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Recruiting Top Talent for Maximum Success

Nonqualified plans provide a competitive benefit and allow employers to create enticing compensation packages.

Podcast: The Benefits of Adding a Carwash to Your Dealership

Keith Gronau of Mark VII discusses how the addition of a carwash can be of benefit to a dealership.

How Green Peas Can Fortify Your Profits

If you need to hire additional service advisors or replace underachievers, think outside the box. Consider Green Peas.

Selling is a Numbers Game. Here’s How to Beat the Odds

All of these tips are aimed at providing the best experience possible for your customers. A seamless, personalized, pressure-free experience can set your dealership apart from your competition. And that means more sales right now.

Podcast: Tax Laws are Affecting Auto Industry Sales

Chris Neylan, franchise dealer manager for Elite Tax Max, joins us to discuss how tax law changes are affecting auto industry sales.

Rethinking Rewards Cards

Instead of looking at rewards cards as just more work, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Get creative, drive more business, the sky is the limit if you become as engaged in the program as you want your customer to be.

Podcast: Dealer Management System Software and the Cloud

Bill Bok, vice president of DMS sales for Dominion Dealer Solutions, joins us to discuss dealer management system software and the cloud.

Wheel Alignment: Teaching Customers the Basics

When you’re not mindful of your posture during the day, it affects the rest of your body. In the same way, if a vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, it will affect other parts of the car — including the tires.

Podcast: Expanding the Role of Women in Automotive and Technology

Trista Eckman, dealer support manager for Promax Unlimited, discusses the role of women in the automotive and technology industries.

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