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The Anti-Mentor: Blueprints for What Not to Do

It’s your first week as a new salesperson at the dealership. You’ve been shown around, received some training and you’re excited by the potential you see in the career ahead of you. It’s lunchtime, and you’re alone in the breakroom when one of the experienced salespeople sits at your table.

Multitasking is Impossible, So Let’s Prioritize

Neurological research shows that the human brain is biologically incapable of processing attention-rich inputs simultaneously. Also known as multitasking, there is a four-step process each time the brain engages in a different task.

Myth Busting Your Website Strategy

Here are the four most common myths that auto dealers believe and that are cause for their dealership’s greatest pain points.

What to Look for in a Digital Retailing Solution

Dealers should be aware that some third-party solutions are designed to cut your dealership out of the process with a model that allows customers to build their own deals on a Website (not your Website), then essentially sells you the “deals” as leads.

Podcast: Recalibrate Your Thinking

Sales Trainer Marsh Buice returns to share ways you can recalibrate your thinking in a stressful sales career.

Marsh Buice Podcast
From Amazon to Carvana: How Your Dealership Can Learn from Disruptive Business Models

Traditional dealerships are no longer the only option consumers have when it comes to car buying. Disruptive business models from Amazon, Carvana and others are transforming the automotive industry and posing a risk to local dealers.

Leaders: Either Change or FAIL

Leaders in automobile dealerships across the U.S. are inundated daily with shouts that they must change or they are going to get left behind and fail. My question is: Change may be necessary, but are we listening to others or asking questions ourselves? And secondly, are we asking the right questions?

The Micromanager

Some very successful leaders use micromanagement strategies with new hires until they’re sure the person has the right skills, talents and behaviors to take on their duties. They know when to back away and loosen the tightrope of control. The problem, however, occurs if they don’t know when to stop.

Are Your Customers “Attitudinally Loyal” – And Why Should You Care? (Part 1)

Customer loyalty can be broken down into two key categories: behavioral loyalty and attitudinal loyalty. Behavioral loyalty refers to your repeat customers. They continuously buy vehicles and service from your dealership over time, out of habit or necessity.

10 Loyalty Tips: How to Build a Strong Repeat/Referral Customer Base, Part 1

Investing in my repeat and referral customers had created the opportunity for me to produce at the highest level delivering 30 to 40 vehicles or more per month working four days per week, seeing customers by appointment only and earning a solid six-figure income.

Mastering the Digital Phone Up

I personally work with some of the top dealers across the country and speak to, consult with and present to hundreds of others. I see a common thread of concern on the decrease of lead form submissions.

Three Reasons Modern Customers Need a Modern Sales Strategy

Today’s customers have unique expectations. But if you shift your sales strategy, you can meet all of them and close more with modern buyers.