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Battery Season

Talk with your customers and ask them questions about how often they drive the vehicle, how far they drive on average, etc. Use this information to help find the right battery for them.

Starter & Battery Diagnostics

Because the permanent or “ferrite” magnets that are used in starters are made of a brittle ceramic material, they are vulnerable to cracking caused by sudden impacts. Cracked magnets can be tough to diagnose; here’s what you should be looking for.

Cracked magnets can be tough to diagnose, which is why it’s usually better to replace the starter as an assembly than to repair or rebuild it.
How Technology is Changing Charging System Diagnostics

Here’s what you need to know to better understand the concept of computer-controlled charging systems.

Diagnosing, Servicing & Replacing Batteries

It’s all about amp/hours — how to recognize plate sulfation when we see it.

Overcoming Electric Vehicle Misconceptions is Crucial to Converting Consideration to Sales

The research, which is the latest chapter of the Cox Automotive Evolution of Mobility Study, examines EV shoppers’ dealership experiences during their purchase journey and the key support areas dealers need from OEMs to increase EV sales.

Selling F&I Products On Alternate Fuel Vehicles? Here’s What To Know

Repairs and replacement parts/battery for EVs can be three times the cost of a gas-powered vehicle, which makes the right protection plan increasingly important.

AmTrust and Endurance Dealer Services Launch EV Service Contract That Covers Batteries

The contract covers virtually all U.S. electric car models such as Honda Fit EV, Chevrolet Bolt, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Ford Focus Electric, Volkswagen e-Golf and others, with the exception of Tesla models and hybrid vehicles.

Power Tool Institute Launches Campaign to Promote Safe Lithium-Ion Battery Usage, Reduce Risks

“Take Charge of Your Battery” campaign educates consumers on proper selection, transport, storage, and disposal to reduce the dangers of lithium-ion battery misuse.

The Importance of Testing Batteries With a Scope

If you learned the old load ‘em to 9.6 volts way, or you are using an electronic testing system, you are not getting the full and necessary picture.