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The Donkeys and The Eagles

We all know that there’s a very big difference between treating people equally and treating them fairly, but too often, this bit of common sense is ignored.

The Theory of 5: Struggle and Strength

Searching for comfort is one of our strongest desires as humans. We tend to gravitate toward what gives us pleasure and recoil from what could cause pain. Most people crave contentment. Most want gratification.

Maintaining a Positive Dealership Culture in a Volatile Market

The automotive retailing market might be changing, but that doesn’t mean your attitude has to shift with it.

It’s All About the Customer

I’m reading a book called The Everything Store by Brad Stone — and I highly recommend it. It’s about how Amazon started. The idea behind “the everything store” was to develop an e-commerce business that would sell everything, and they did.

Don’t Let Others’ Judgments Affect Your Own

In a storm, we may not be able to control the strong winds that blow our way. Even so, we can adjust the sails to take advantage of these winds and gain the maximum momentum from them.

Podcast: Getting Out of Your Own Way

Master Trainer Duane Marino of Duane Marino Automotive Solutions shares ways to get out of your own way when selling vehicles.

Duane Marino Podcast Image
Podcast: Putting Value Into Your Sales Presentation

Chris Saraceno of the Kelly Automotive Group speaks with us about ways to put value into your sales presentation.

Chris Saraceno
10 Secrets of Great Leaders

The best become the best because they are always seeking ways to become better. It surprises me that average people are usually content with who they are and what they are doing while the above-average performers are always seeking to grow and improve.

The “Be Happy” Attitudes

Believing is becoming. This positive attitude will be the difference that makes all the difference in the success of your organization and your life.

Podcast: Staffing Your Dealership’s Bodyshop

Rob Dunn of the Masters School of Autobody Repair joins us to discuss the staffing of your dealership’s bodyshop — how to find the right level of employment, and how to make the most of their productivity.

If You Don’t Give 100 Percent, Why Bother?

A salesperson’s approach to work defines how they are regarded by colleagues and, more important, by customers. It defines who they are at work, and it impacts their ability to succeed. If you aren’t prepared to give 100 percent, why bother?

The Six Pillars of Professional Power: P.A.M.P.E.R. Your Way to Success

Look at yourself and your life. That is where you will find all the purpose you need to achieve fulfillment. Do your best each day to be the best you that you can be. There is hardly a better purpose than that.