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Cyber Security 101

Cyber security breaches can come from a variety of places, including disgruntled employees, professional hackers or sophisticated foreign countries engaged in espionage. However, simple precautions can eliminate a nightmare scenario of a cyber breach within your dealership.

Employment & Education Verification: It’s Not That Simple Anymore

Today, employment and education verifications are usually outsourced to a third-party vendor requiring the employer, or if using a background screening vendor, to verify employment and education through these entities.

Daily, Ongoing Criminal Records Monitoring

Employers usually don’t pay attention to their employees’ activities outside of work hours, however, failing to monitor employee behavior may place an employer in civil liability jeopardy.

Accurate Background Records Are Worth the Wait

Many dealership owners and management staff understand background screening is a necessity, but sometimes a misunderstood service. Most dealerships want to hire qualified applicants quickly before the applicant has an opportunity to move onto a competitor. Although there can be frustrating delays, it’s important to understand that obtaining accurate records is vital to both your dealership and the applicant.

What Is A Person Search?

A person search is a search product that provides current and previous addresses associated with a person’s name, date of birth and Social Security number. The search provides the full addresses and approximate dates the person was associated with in the past.

Background Screening, Access Fees and Pricing

Sometimes your background screening company may charge you something referred to as “access fees.” These fees are nothing more than a tax levied by a particular county or state to access either criminal records or Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) records.

Written Permission to Conduct Background Checks

In order for an employer to conduct a background check for employment purposes, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires written permission from the applicant to authorize the employer to conduct a background check through a third-party provider; a background screening company.

Why Background Screening Accreditation Matters to Your Dealership

Working with an accredited background screening company ensures that the company is providing you with the best screening services while adhering to all of the legal standards applicable and best business practices.

The Myth About a National Criminal History Search

Anyone who has the responsibility of hiring employees and overseeing employment background screening for their dealership has heard the term “national criminal history” search. Although the title sounds all-encompassing when doing a background search, it really is not.

Is An Arrest A Conviction?

The average person may not understand the difference between being arrested and being convicted of a crime. As an employer conducting employment background checks, understanding the difference is imperative. An arrest is not a conviction.

Employment Screening and Credit Reports

Pulling credit reports on a customer makes sense when determining the credit worthiness of a person who may be financing a car or other item. However, pulling a credit report based upon a person seeking employment with a company is a whole different matter.

Simple Requirements When Conducting Employee Screening

No one disputes that background checks for employment applicants are necessary. Background checks are just a part of an overall, comprehensive onboarding process an employer should use to ultimately find the most qualified person to work with the company.