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Recommending Ride Control – Don’t Back Down

Stand by your recommendations. You are not doing your customers any favors by doing a less expensive repair.

Diagnostic Strategies for Start/Stop Systems

This function of the power management system uses several modules to decide when the engine needs to stop and start.

start/stop systems
What’s Behind that Wheel Bearing Noise?

The classic symptom of a bad wheel bearing is typically a cyclic chirping, squealing or growling noise.

wheel bearing noise and diagnosis
Serial Data Buses: Diagnosing Networks

Serial data buses may seem like a daunting concept, but understanding them is now a required skill for techs.

How Belts, Tensioners and Misfires Are Connected

The design of the accessory belt drive is a balancing act of efficiency, force and vibration.

Power Steering Hoses: There’s a Reason They Failed

Hoses typically leak around the crimped connections between hard and soft lines.

10 Tips for Serpentine Belt System Inspection and Service

Just 10% belt slippage can affect the overall driveability of a vehicle. Check out these inspection tips.

How Import Brake Formulations Changed Service

The bottom line is that for the brakes to function, the rotors and pads have to wear. Even a brake rotor’s metallurgy can determine how a pad wears.

Engine Service: Crankshaft Position Sensors

Learn why the position of the crankshaft is important for the detecting of misfires.

Engine Service: Oil and Carbon Deposits

How oil volatility and additives impact carbon deposits and pre-ignition.

HVAC Sensors: More Than Just Temperature

This primer will help techs understand the variety of sensors that help control a vehicle’s interior temperature.

Ride Control and Electronic Stability Control

A strut might look great on the outside, but if the internal seals and fluids are degraded it can result in a loss of vehicle stability and in some cases fade.