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Hunter Introduces Alignment System for Trucks, Trailers, More

At the heart of the Hawkeye XL is visionary new camera technology with extra-long range and extra-large targets.

Drive Service Lane Sales by Not Driving Sales

With the proper equipment and techniques, alignments and tire sales are low-hanging fruit that you can turn into profitable work and lasting customer relationships.

What Dealers Need to Know About ADAS Systems

The more efficient a piece of equipment is at placing ADAS components around the vehicle, the shorter the ROI becomes.

Alignment Tips to Increase Productivity and Profits

Here are 10 tips to help make your alignment services profitable and productive.

Wheel Alignment Basics

As Americans gravitate to more SUVs with larger tires, proper alignment is of increasing importance as a way for your customers to maximize their investment.

Hunter, GoMoto: Launching Automatic Alignment Selling

With Hunter’s Quick Check Drive, the GoMoto virtual service advisor kiosk can offer wheel alignment service to customers during check-in.

Hunter Engineering Announces Inspection Integration with Dealer-FX

While integrated with Dealer-FX’s ONE Platform, inspection data is collected and added to Dealer-FX’s Advisor Check-in and Technician Inspection applications.