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Tesla’s Air Ride System

Like with any air ride system, you have to perform specific procedures before you can work on the Telsa’s suspension or lift the vehicle. Some procedures will require a scan tool to actuate the valves in the system.

Air Ride Leak Detection

To the untrained technician, a winter air ride problem might lead you down the path that there is a leak in the system. However, chances are there are no detectable leaks. So, what do you do next?

Air Ride Diagnostics Q&A: What You Don’t Know Might Be the Missing Piece of the Diagnostic Puzzle

Both four-corner and two-corner air ride systems have sensors that measure ride height, pressure and other information to control the suspension. Why is this important? Knowing the basic architecture will help you find components quicker and carry out leak checks faster.

Advanced Import Ride Control Diagnostics and Replacement

With more and more air-ride-equipped vehicles accumulating miles, you can expect to see a steady stream of these air-ride systems in your bays. You also have more options than ever before when it comes to replacement parts and conversion kits.

Air Ride FAQs

When you are diagnosing a problem, it is critical to ask a lot of questions about the operation of the system. Then, research the reason why the problem is occurring to point you in the right diagnostic direction.