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Dominion DMS Announces Integration With Affinitiv XRM

Dominion DMS announces integration with Affinitiv XRM, allowing you to simplify your sales process while building customer loyalty.

Affinitiv’s New Atlas DX Platform Provides Predictive Intelligence to Drive Value for OEMs and Dealers

Affinitiv launched its new Atlas Digital Experience Platform that enhances the automotive customer lifecycle. Atlas DX is built on predictive intelligence, promoting initial purchase, repurchase and long-term loyalty. This accelerates performance for OEMs and dealers. This proprietary platform enables Affinitiv clients to drive engagement between dealerships and consumers using hyper-personalized messaging online, offline and in-person.

Affinitiv Renews Kia Owner Retention Experience Program

The KORE Program is a fixed operations and service marketing tool that includes multi-channel communications via automated voice, text, email, direct mail and social media marketing.

Affinitiv Announces New CEO

Nair brings 25+ years of experience running large-scale technology companies, with a strong executive leadership background that spans general management, sales & marketing, revenue growth and transformation.

Grow Service Revenue with a Loyalty Segmentation Approach

To increase service revenue, dealers need to understand and manage customers based on behavior and spending patterns.

Auto Groups Overlook $230K Per Store in Used-Car Service Opportunities

Affinitiv’s data analysis revealed that in every dealership regardless of brand, the average RO amount is 68% higher for a used same make vehicle than the average RO amount for a used off make vehicle.

Owner Retention Programs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The premise behind ORPs is to stay in touch with sold customers, bring them back in for service and continue the relationship until they’re ready to buy again. Sending consistent communications to customers keeps brand awareness high and generates ROs and revenue.

Auto Dealerships’ Online Shopping Experience Fail to Meet Customer Expectations, Affinitiv Study Finds

“To meet customer expectations, auto retailers must evolve their shopping experience to match the precedent set by retailers in other industries,” said Doug Van Sach, Affinitiv’s vice president, strategy & analytics. Affinitiv’s survey found that the online shopping experience offered by dealers falls short in three key areas.

Podcast: Most Common Mistakes with ORP Marketing

Courtney Evans, vice president of product marketing for Affinitiv, joins us to discuss the most common mistakes dealers are making when it comes to ORP marketing, as well as how to measure and maximize ORP results.

Is Email Marketing Most Effective?

Every marketing channel has its pros and cons. Relying on one channel alone limits your reach, ignores the way consumers behave and may not be the best channel to support your campaign objective.

Podcast: Service Revenue Leaks

Scot Eisenfelder, CEO for Affinitiv, joins us to discuss stopping service revenue leaks.

Stop These Service Revenue Leaks

In many dealerships, service revenue is leaking away in the form of lost opportunities. Learn how to identify and stop these common leakage points and keep your dealership competitive with increasingly aggressive independent repair facilities.