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How to Tap into Menu Moolah

Requiring a menu presentation to every customer breeds consistency and ensures that every customer is treated the same, meaning that each and every customer receives a feature/benefit presentation on all of the products contained in the menu.

Presenting Maintenance is Not a Choice, It’s a Responsibility

How would your clients feel if, while leaving your store, someone shared that their advisor didn’t tell them about all of the maintenance recommendations for their vehicle? Do you think they would be mad, disappointed, surprised?

Are Your Expenses Really Too High?

Your service advisors are the key to making that happen so prepare your recruiting plan, avoid hiring someone else’s underachiever, recruit non-automotive with no bad habits, invest in their training and watch your net profits soar to record levels.

Leadership in Fixed Operations – The 10 Percenters

Name a business, any business. The best leaders in that business clearly define a process for their team. They cement the team to the point that everyone’s actions consistently reflect a cohesive commitment to the process.

How To Get Service To Pay The Way

Set realistic goals for them, coach them daily and get them professionally trained on how to be a salesperson (advisor).

How Many Alignments Does It Take to Get .3 HPRO?

“I am amazed at how many service advisors fail to properly advise all of their customers as to the maintenance and/or repair needs of their vehicles.”

Podcast: Maximizing Repair Orders and Profits

Don Reed, CEO of DealerPRO Training, on maximizing repair orders and profits in the service department.

Don Reed podcast