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Scalpel or Machete? Cut Marketing Wisely

Understanding which of your marketing efforts is actually performing and where to cut safely is critical to success and growth this year.

December 2023 cover feature-Understanding which of your marketing efforts is actually performing and where to cut safely is critical to success and growth this year.
How the Super Bowl Spawned New Video Creativity within the Automotive Industry

The industry leverages creative video in a variety of ways, not only to stand out amongst competitors, but to position their brands for greater success.

Take Advantage of Super Bowl Viewership to Try New Advertising Strategies for EVs

Interactive CTV ads allow a user to click their remote to set a sales appointment or get a trade-in quote.

It’s Time for Your Dealership to Advertise on Streaming Audio

Streaming audio is growing in popularity. Refocusing your digital advertising strategy to include streaming audio can be a great new way to reach potential car shoppers, even those in the consideration stage.

Why You Are Doing Your Automotive Advertising Completely Wrong

Are your auto ads not attracting new leads? Here are a few of the common mistakes dealers make and what to do instead.

How Dealers Can Advertise EV Cars & Trucks to Grab More Market Share

Dealers must rev up their local EV-centric advertising strategies in order to educate consumers that they can shop and service new EVs right at their local dealership.

Dealer Alchemist Announces Latest Release of its CORe Smart Technology, a Digital Advertising and Response Platform

Leveraging the Dealer Alchemist unique technology stack, paired with a team of digital experts and data analysts, dealers using the CORe platform are touting their results and celebrating the transparency in which the platform operates.

Digital Air Strike Launches LotVantage Partner Program

the program enables partners to support their clients as a single-source provider for digital marketing, lead response and inventory merchandising services using patented technologies. Launches Customer-Centric Advertising Platform

The new platform integrates with Amazon’s suite of Ad Tech solutions providing higher clickthrough rates, lower cost per action and more efficient media buy.

Cut the Marketing, Keep the Leads

The reality is, we don’t have inventory to match demand right now. So why are you spending so much on advertising?

Today’s Bizzaro Automotive World: Dealers Advertising to Acquire Cars

With these tips and techniques, dealers can gain more control over acquiring the right used inventory at the right price.

The Benefits of Positive Positioning in Automotive Advertising

Positive positioning is a scientific theory that states people better react to messaging presented in a positive light.

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