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Master the Practice of Profitable Used Car Reconditioning

Here’s a question often asked when dealership group managers gather, which unfortunately typically goes unanswered: “How many of you know your average days in recon?”

Why Workflow Accountability Drives Lower Days in Recon

The term “workflow,” as used in the headline of this article, describes a continuum of processes from start to finish. The more organized, assignable and trackable these processes are, the smoother and faster workflow gets done. Regarding workflow in vehicle reconditioning, the faster the recon team can move vehicles to the sales line, the more

Recon Accountability and Profit Align at Three-Day ADR

I don’t mean to squeeze more juice from an already tired cliché, but time is money in used car reconditioning. Get used inventory spiffed up and to the sales line in three days, consistently, and that’s the sound of money. ​For years I have been promoting Time-to-Market (TTM) workflow as the measurement of exceptional reconditioning