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Topology and Your Scan Tool

Topology, the term used to describe the design, layout and behavior of a serial databus configuration, influences how you access modules with your scan tool.

Topology and Your Scan Tool
Hunter Engineering: ADAS Calibration & Connectivity Drive Growth

Hunter’s Pete Liebetreu explains the company’s Ultimate ADAS system, its areas of growth and its outlook on wheel service for EVs.

Hunter's Pete Liebetreu explains the company's Ultimate ADAS system, its areas of growth and its outlook on wheel service for EVs.
Autel Releases 2023 ADAS Calibration Coverage

The new DTC analysis feature provides technicians with detailed fault cause possibilities, and suggested fault solutions including component repairs or replacements when a DTC in an ADAS system is detected.

Autel Launches Training Academy with Onsite Courses

The first set of classes will be an intensive two-day course focusing on diagnostics, alignment and ADAS calibrations. 

John Bean Adds New Features, Procedures to Tru-Point

The system uses advanced camera technology, targets and software to quickly uncover vehicle alignment issues.

3 More Automakers Fulfill Pledge to Make Autobrake Nearly Universal

To fulfill their commitment, manufacturers must attest that the AEB system on their vehicles meets certain performance standards.

The forward collision warning feature must meet a subset of NHTSA’s current 5-Star Safety Ratings program requirements on the timing of driver alerts.
What Dealers Need to Know About ADAS Systems

The more efficient a piece of equipment is at placing ADAS components around the vehicle, the shorter the ROI becomes.

ADAS & Vehicle Alignment

ADAS and autonomous features rely on the alignment being exactly as it should per OE specs to perform correctly.

What’s Alignment Got To Do With It?

The vehicle’s alignment directly interacts with all of the vehicle’s advanced features. Here’s how to know when to do an alignment.

See All That Asphalt? Double the Building

Dealers can likely anticipate a lot of extra space on their lots for the foreseeable future. What can be done with it all?

All Your Customers Want for Christmas Is…a Heated Seat

As we close out this year, we hope you have a warm place to sit, a safe ride and a lovely tune to listen to!

Hunter’s John Zentz on How Dealers Can Win in Today’s Market (Podcast)

When you take a look around at the tire service equipment in your shop, you may see the name of the company that Johnny g’s next guest represents. The one that he credits for imprinting the tire industry in his heart. That company is Hunter Engineering, and the guest that’s been part of its team