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Surviving & Thriving in a Crisis

In this new era, businesses that want to survive are adapting in ways we never thought possible. Successful companies are using this time to move forward by protecting our teams, identifying what digital platforms we can adopt and educating ourselves through various avenues, including video, webinars, blogs and articles. AutoSuccess is proud to offer many opportunities for dealers to continue to grow and learn — it’s what we do in every issue, every newsletter, every post, every day. We are here for you. 

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In addition to the articles you’ll find in this issue and on our website, I’d like to tell you about a video and site designed specifically to help dealers through this crisis. My long-time friend, entrepreneur Sean Wolfington, graciously recorded a presentation he calls “The Crisis Playbook.” (Watch at

“The Crisis Playbook” is a comprehensive guide to help dealerships not only survive during the COVID-19 crisis but to thrive through the recovery. The video, in tandem with the website, also provides an in-depth review of all the stimulus programs available to fund dealerships, along with best practices to acquire, conserve and manage capital through the crisis while protecting and serving your employees, customers and their families.


“After successfully navigating the complex web of stimulus programs, we felt compelled to share everything we learned with others to help them get funded faster,” Sean told me. “Everything on the site is free, so please share it with others so we can save as many jobs as possible.”

I highly encourage you to watch the presentation and navigate the site. Both have invaluable information and resources that are available for free, including Sean’s recommendation that  dealerships create a Crisis Task Force and a plan of action. Leaders should manage the process with regular meetings with the task force as well as their entire dealership team. “Now, they need leadership and communication more than ever.” He also advises teams to be nimble so they are able to adjust quickly as market conditions change. 


As you create a comprehensive plan, it’s important to stress test your financials, Sean said. “This financial forecast will carry you through the crisis.” He also provides best practices for establishing processes to protect your employees, customers and guests who visit your facilities, as well as information on how you can re-engineer operations to maximize online sales and delivery in the post-coronavirus economy as well as marketing strategies to regain market share and revenue. 

I’d love to hear how these resources help your business, and what you and your dealership are doing to not only survive but to thrive during and after this crisis. Connect with AutoSuccess on Facebook so we can share your successes and good deeds. We have such an incredible industry of dealerships that look out for their communities. You continually amaze us at what your do for your teams and for people in need, always looking out for others. We want you to know that we’re looking out for you.

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