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Step Up Your Marketing Game

When finding unique and creative ways to promote your business, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to the expanding world of technology, you can market across the World Wide Web through social media and inventive websites that can do the hard work of showcasing your inventory for you.

When finding unique and creative ways to promote your business, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to the expanding world of technology, you can market across the World Wide Web through social media and inventive websites that can do the hard work of showcasing your inventory for you. But a great marketing team covers both the online and the social networks — and by “social” I don’t mean Facebook. I am talking about the actual interactions we have with our customers in real life. 

With much of our focus online, we forget the importance of marketing to a more interactive audience. One great way to do this is through promotions, both inside the showroom and outside. But, how do you captivate customers through promotions? 

First, ask yourself what goal you are trying to achieve and then decide what promotion will best fit that goal. For example, if you want to do a sponsorship program and live in an area that has a huge high school or college sports following, then you may want to show your dealership name during halftime with a half-court shot or a field goal kick for a large prize. If you are looking to drive more traffic into your showroom, then you want a promotion like a direct mailer or indoor putting contest that will incentivize potential clients. Create a buzz in your neighborhood and attract your next customer with fun games that could also lead to big winners.

Focusing on Your Approach

If you think sponsoring a promotion at a sporting event could help you reach a certain audience, then think about which sporting event would give you the most exposure. Football and basketball are among the most popular, but hockey and baseball can also have a great impact depending on your area. 

The bonus of sponsoring a promotion, especially at a school sporting event, is that you are simultaneously giving back to your community. In addition, promotions that are interactive with the fans give another layer of excitement to the event. 

In 2018, Prince Automotive of Valdosta, GA, sponsored a punt-pass-kick contest at a Valdosta State game and witnessed a winner for $10,000. Jay Prince of Prince Automotive was as shocked as the rest of the attendees. “Wow! We had a winner. I can’t believe it!” That’s certainly an exciting way to convert an audience to potential clients. Imagine the positive publicity your dealership could receive from a successful contest, just like Prince Automotive.

If you want your marketing efforts to steer people directly into your showroom, then you want a promotion onsite. A great way to do this is through direct mailers, which many auto dealers already use to advertise special sales and events. Add in a promotion and suddenly your showroom could end up with some major foot traffic. 

Covering Your Bets

Protecting your dealership with promotional insurance, which is based solely on odds, gives you the ability to create a contest that fits your advertisement.  

Gearing up for the summer? Bring the golf course indoors with an indoor putting contest. If a contestant sinks all the holes, they could walk away with a grand prize. Unveiling this year’s new model? Have contestants pick from a container of numbered keys. If they pick the key that matches the winning key, they could unlock the door to a new car. 

At Mitchell’s Modesto Harley-Davidson in Modesto, CA, they wanted to show off their motorcycle pride by having contestants roll the dice to spell “HARLEY.” Soon after the contest started they had a winner roll and win a $10,000 motorcycle. Talk about an easy sale.

The point of holding promotions, aside from building out your marketing strategy, is making the interaction with your community count. As any salesperson knows, you want all customers to be returning customers, and what better way than making an impact at a local event or in your very own dealership?

The promotions can reach both potential car buyers and previous clientele. When coming up with ideas to market your dealership, remember to involve your target audience and do not be afraid to get creative. Gear toward their interests and drive them home with your brand. 

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