The Impact of Spam on Dealership Call Lines

The Impact of Spam on Dealership Call Lines

With major smartphone companies now endorsing apps that help guess which callers are spam, ensuring your calls are not identified as such is becoming increasingly necessary.

Did you know that overall, nearly 26% of U.S. phone calls are considered spam and an estimated 30% of all business-to-consumer calls are labeled as “potential spam” or “potential fraud”? This poses a significant barrier for any retail business, especially automotive dealerships in effectively reaching their customers.

For nearly every retail business, outbound calls are important. From the beginning of a sales process, cold calling and responding to inbound leads is key to generating pipelines. After an initial meeting or conversation, outbound calls are a major tool for moving the relationship forward, continuing to push the account toward closing on a sale and finalizing details of the sale. Once the interaction is completed, calls help to manage existing customer satisfaction, solidify customer loyalty and gauge important and applicable customer feedback.

But for any of this to happen, your calls need to be answered, which is far less likely if your lines are being labeled as “Spam” by smartphones. In fact, a study from Hiya found that only 11% of calls labeled as spam were answered, as opposed to 26% unknown numbers not identified as spam — and a whopping 69% of numbers identified as a known business.

This is particularly important in the automotive space. According to LLC Buddy, sales calls within the industry have a significantly more successful conversion rate than other forms of marketing outreach. Indeed, calls are important — not just to generate leads, but also because on a call, far more than via email or other forms of remote communication, sales team members are able to identify the quality of leads. In other words, it’s far easier to be able to understand the likelihood that a buyer will close when speaking on the phone than it is via email.

When calls are answered by customers and potential customers, sales are boosted and operating costs are lowered. Transversely, when calls are ignored because they are labeled as spam, the opposite is likely to happen. With major smartphone companies now endorsing apps that help guess which callers are spam, ensuring your calls are not identified as such is becoming increasingly necessary.

But even beyond the quantifiable metrics, sales- and post-sales calls are important for conversion analytics lessons. It is within a dynamic conversation that so much information is gleaned, from why a customer decided to buy, or why they decided not to, to what they were satisfied and dissatisfied with. Even further, with the right technology, these calls can be amalgamated to paint a larger picture of consumer habits and trends that will help identify the likelihood to close and other key customer behavior markers in future sales funnels.

The impact of spam on outbound calling cannot be overstated, especially in the context of automotive retail sales. Sales managers’ ability in connecting with their customers — whether prospective buyers, current customers or previous patrons — plays a pivotal role in driving sales achievements, shaping both immediate outcomes and long-term successes. To ensure that outbound calls translate into valuable conversations and insights, it’s imperative that every precaution is taken to sidestep the spam label. This not only elevates the chances of these calls being answered or promptly returned, but also preserves the integrity and reputation of the dealership.

Strategies such as personalizing calls, adhering to regulatory guidelines and employing technology that verifies caller identity can significantly mitigate the risk of being marked as spam. Additionally, fostering a culture of respect for the customer’s time and preferences will enhance the quality of interactions and contribute to a positive perception of the brand. As the automotive sales landscape continues to evolve, implementation of these practices will become increasingly important. Dealerships that successfully navigate the challenges of outbound calling will not only see improved sales metrics, but will also build stronger, more trusting relationships with their customers. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that every call made is an opportunity for growth, learning and connection, steering clear of the pitfalls of spam and paving the way for a future of sustained sales excellence.

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