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Snap-on Introduces Prepaid Plans for Intelligent Diagnostics Tools


Professional service technicians can avoid gaps in their Snap-on software coverage and ensure that their ZEUS, TRITON-D8 and APOLLO-D8 diagnostic tools are continuously up-to-date when they participate in a one-year Intelligent Diagnostics prepaid plan.


The Intelligent Diagnostics prepaid plans are more than just keeping coverage updated, they also enhance features and capabilities to maximize the diagnostic tool investment, powering up the tool’s performance so that it is even better than the day it was bought.

Prepaid plans give technicians all the Intelligent Diagnostics advanced capabilities at a value price, guaranteeing the full functionality that this breakthrough diagnostics technology has to offer:

  • Complete data service and coverage for 47 domestic, Asian and European makes
  • Smart Data that guides the technician to everything they need and nothing they don’t
  • SureTrack expert information
  • Quick access to functional tests and service resets and relearns
  • New FIAT Chrysler Automobile access for 2018 and newer vehicles with the recently introduced Snap-on Secure Vehicle Gateway

In addition to the prepaid plans for the Intelligent Diagnostics-enabled tools, Snap-on also offers a software rolling subscription program that removes the risk of lost coverage and capabilities from Intelligent Diagnostics expiring.   


Snap-on has a software option for every need and budget, promising that the technician’s tool is always updated and ready to diagnose problems quickly, driving them to power on confidently through the toughest repairs.

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