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Snap-on Helps Customers Get the Most Value Out of their Tools with Wi-Fi

Ensuring that customers who own tools that offer Wi-Fi have turned it on to receive the full value from their diagnostic tool investment.

Snap-on wants to ensure that customers who own tools that offer Wi-Fi, including Apollo D8, ETHOS Edge, MODIS Edge, MODIS Ultra, SOLUS Edge, VERUS Edge, VERUS Pro, VERDICT and ZEUS, have turned it on to receive the full value from their diagnostic tool investment.

Instructions for enabling Wi-Fi access are available HERE, listed under Instruction Sheets.

“A Wi-Fi-enabled tool is a powerful tool,” said Leian Wunderlich, software marketing and program manager for Snap-on Diagnostics. “Monthly service and support notifications, and for some, regularly scheduled feature and coverage updates, are provided directly to the tools. Without the Wi-Fi turned on, customers aren’t using their tools to their fullest potential and may be missing out on important repair opportunities.”

SureTrack is a comprehensive source of expert knowledge for professional technicians, combining diagnostic experience and vehicle-specific parts replacement records. While it is built into select Snap-on platforms, it does require Wi-Fi to access it. This value-added service provides:

  • Real world answers harvested from millions of successful repairs
  • Validated parts replacement data shows which parts are most frequently replaced to complete repairs for symptoms, fault codes and vehicles
  • Real Fixes from completed repairs, shown in straightforward complaint, cause, correction format and validated by expert technicians
  • More complete assistance than repair hotlines and more reliable than online forums; SureTrack is based on completed repair orders
  • Hotlink directly straight from the code on the tool to the relevant information in SureTrack
  • Select tools have additional access via their browser to interact with the SureTrack community

“We’re reaching out to our customers who are not currently using the Wi-Fi capabilities within their tools to explain why they should enable it and how to enable it. We want our customers to be confident that they have the coverage they need to service the vehicle and finish the job right, the first time,” concluded Wunderlich.


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