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Service Setter Call Tracking Software Now Integrated with Xtime Service Scheduler

The new integration gives service department phone handlers an unprecedented advantage in customer service and booking performance.

Service Setter recently announced that its call tracking software is now integrated into the widely used service scheduler, Xtime. The integration presents a click through from the Call Details report in Service Setter to enhance the customer service experience and expedite the appointment booking process over the phone.

Thanks to the new click through, managers now have instant access to customer information in Xtime from any Service Setter call. For example, BDC Manager Tom uses Service Setter to review critical missed opportunity phone calls. Tom discovers a phone call in which the customer waited on hold for almost a minute and hung up. Oof. That call needs attention fast. Tom then clicks directly from Service Setter into Xtime and discovers this particular customer is a long time, loyal visitor to his dealership for service repairs; he immediately realizes the gravity of this poorly handled phone call, thus reaching out and salvaging the appointment right there in Xtime. CSI score, enhanced.

For service drives pairing this integration with Service Setter’s artificial intelligence solution, Cari Connect, phone handlers can click into the customer’s Xtime record during an active call from Cari’s on screen Live Calls pop up.

Let’s say customer Tina has an upcoming appointment. BDC Agent Adam can click from Cari Connect’s Live Calls and update any appointment details during the call. No longer does he have to worry about incorrectly inputting her appointment information into Xtime from a scribbled sticky note because he’ll update everything while on the phone with Tina. The result? A streamlined, accelerated booking approach and a cleaner Xtime.

“This solves a huge pain point for service centers who are serious about improving CSI scores,” said Mike Haeg, vice president of automotive. “With our seamless and customer intuitive integration, agents and advisors can help callers much faster, and spend less time scouring for the nitty gritty details of a call and more time putting their buyers’ needs first.”

The click through from Service Setter calls into Xtime is now available to all Service Setter users.

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