Sales Tips for Email Marketing

Sales Tips for Email Marketing

You’ve captured my attention, made me stop browsing my emails and I think I’m interested in the cars you’re selling. Now what? Is it time sensitive? Do I need to download something? Make an appointment? Tell me plain and simple what to do next.

Research consistently shows that email marketing campaigns outperform other digital and social platforms for shopping overall, and car sales are no exception. Of all the channels on the social media landscape, this is the one where people are most receptive to offers and promotions. According to a 2016 survey from the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric, email had a median ROI of 122 percent, which is four times higher than the ROI from social media and paid search.

Tremendous strategy and resources go into executing successful email marketing campaigns.

As a salesperson myself, I understand that getting to know your customers and staying in sync with their timetable for purchasing a vehicle can be like aiming at a moving target. Knowing how to deliver meaningful personalization sets the effective ones apart from the losers.

When email marketing campaigns are created and executed by experts, no other form of consumer marketing delivers the engagement and economy, even when you’re reaching out to millions of people. Here are some of the basic principles that make it work:

Know Your Target Audience

You need a professionally compiled list in terms of quality and quantity. Qualified email marketing firms invest huge resources to curate and update databases of consumers who can be divided into categories according to demographic, transactional, behavioral and psychographic criteria. Having available data on vehicle owners with detailed information on their vehicle’s make, model and year, as well as who owns multiple vehicles and confirmed auto shoppers is a must.

Make it Personal

People appreciate personalization. Like the theme song from Cheers, “You wanna go where everybody knows your name.” When a message appeals to what you like, it seems as if the brand really cares. Starting with the subject line, put yourself in your recipient’s shoes and make sure whatever you’re offering relates to them.

Keep it Simple

You have just moments before I decide to hit delete, so don’t waste a second of my time. Tell me up front why I should care about what you’re selling. Don’t make me guess. A picture of the car of my dreams can be worth a thousand words, so use great graphics to grab my attention whenever you can.

Repeat and Re-engage

There is extensive research on how often people need to see an ad or receive an offer before taking action. They’re often too busy the first time around and need a friendly reminder. As holidays and birthdays approach, they may appreciate the nudge. As with any good relationship, it takes engagement and keeping in touch.

Emphasize the Call to Action

You’ve captured my attention, made me stop browsing my emails and I think I’m interested in the cars you’re selling. Now what? Is it time sensitive? Do I need to download something? Make an appointment? Tell me plain and simple what to do next.

Use Responsive Design

Approximately 82 percent of smartphone users turn to their phones during a purchasing process. In 2017, more than half of e-commerce happens on mobile devices. Even on Black Friday, which is meant to bring shoppers into stores, nearly 40 percent of purchases in 2016 were made on a mobile device. Be sure your message is properly displayed on PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

For more ideas on how to elevate email marketing with data-based science with measurable ROI, feel free to contact me at the address above.

Richard Gluck

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