The Rise of Door to Door Car Transport
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The Rise of Door to Door Car Transport

Door-to-door car transport involves choosing the exact location where your car is picked up before its journey and is dropped off after its journey.

When you consider that convenience makes our world go round, the rise of door-to-door car transport makes a lot of sense. Here’s everything you need to know about this car transport service and how it compares to other options so that you can make the best decision when it comes to shipping your car: 

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What is Door-to-Door Transport?

Door-to-door car transport involves choosing the exact location where your car is picked up before its journey and is dropped off after its journey. This is more of a customized transportation option for those looking for the most convenient option. For instance, you can choose many different locations, ranging from your home to your work or a nearby shopping mall. 

With door-to-door transport, you also get more control over the date and time of the pickup and drop-off. You will have direct interaction with the carrier who will personally transport your car from point A to point B. 


Concierge Door-to-Door Service

If you’re looking for a completely hassle-free way to transport your car, then consider a concierge door-to-door service.  Concierge door-to-door service is a unique type of car transport that goes above and beyond. 

With a concierge service, you get more of a direct and personal transportation experience. Instead of dealing with countless people along the way, you are provided with a dedicated representative who handles the journey from start to finish. 

The Pros and Cons of Door-to-Door Car Transport

The pros of door-to-door car transport include:

  • Door-to-door car transport is the most convenient car transport option since you don’t even have to leave your home (or work) to drop off or pick up your car. Instead, the carrier comes directly to you. 
  • Door-to-door car transport offers a variety of different pick-up and drop-off times that extend beyond traditional business hours. Instead of working within the constraints of a nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday schedule, the carrier may be able to work with early mornings, late evenings, nights and weekends. 
  • Door-to-door car transport offers faster timeframes since the vehicle is delivered immediately instead of sitting around in a terminal yard before it can be picked up by the carrier or picked up by you once it arrives at its final destination. 

The cons of terminal-to-terminal car transport include: 

  • Terminal-to-terminal car transport requires the customer to drive long distances to reach the terminal yard. This service is detrimental if the customer is located in a rural area without terminal yards nearby. 
  • Terminal-to-terminal car transport involves extra fees that the customer is required to pay. This is true if the customer is unable to pick up the car within a couple of days. Instead, the customer pays extra storage fees for every day the car remains in the yard. 
  • Terminal-to-terminal car transport comes with restricted pickup times since terminal yards typically operate during normal business hours. 
  • Terminal-to-terminal car transport requires that the car passes through a few different parties until it reaches its destination. For instance, the carrier may move the car around the terminal before picking it up for transport. The car may also be moved around the terminal again once the carrier drops it off and before you can pick it up. All of this movement increases the likelihood of damage. 

Car Transport for Manufacturers and Dealers

Car transport isn’t only for individual and personal vehicles. In fact, it’s a popular transportation solution for manufacturers and dealers. For instance, original equipment manufacturer transport involves bringing vehicles from the manufacturer to the dealership. There’s also retail transport that involves rearranging inventory for dealerships that may have multiple different locations. 


Additionally, companies like RPM offer car transport services for fleet management purposes, rental companies, remarketing and auctions.

What to Look for in a Car Transport Service

When it comes to choosing a car transport service, you need the best. However, there are countless car transport services you can choose. So how can you choose the best one for your needs? 

Here are four different things to look for to help you make the best possible decision. 

1. Cost-Effective Inbound Strategies

The first thing you need to look for in a car transport service is a cost-effective inbound strategy. Smart and effective inbound strategies go a long way towards lowering costs down to the customer.  


For the best prices, look for experienced and professional services that are highly strategic about logistics. 

2. Safe Shipping Methods

You should be able to choose your method of transport based on the safest options. For instance, if you’re looking for the most protection for your vehicle, then you should consider an enclosed single-vehicle trailer. 

You also need to look for car transport services with safe and experienced drivers. Safe driving goes a long way towards protecting your car during transport. Professional drivers should have years of experience, a commercial driver’s license and a track record of safe driving. 


RPM closely vets all carriers in its network and only works with the best. 

3. 24-Hour Track and Trace

The third thing you need to look for in a car transport service is a 24-hour track and trace feature. 

While this may not be a basic feature in an auto transport service, it’s certainly worth utilizing. This feature allows you to track your car throughout its entire journey. 

Not only does this help you anticipate its arrival, but it also gives you peace of mind that the process is going as planned. 


4. Accurate Quoting Process

An accurate quoting process is the fourth and final thing you need to look for in a car transport service. Often, you receive an initial quote from a potential provider only to have it raised when they come to pick up your vehicle. You can avoid this costly issue by working with a trustworthy and professional car transport service like RPM.

You should also look for an online quoting process that’s easy. All you have to do is enter relevant information about your vehicle and its shipment to receive an accurate quote


For instance, you may need to include information regarding your vehicle’s size and weight, origin, the destination of transport and the proposed dates and time frame. 


If you’re looking for the most convenient car transport service and don’t mind paying a bit extra, then you may want to consider a door-to-door service. On the other hand, if you live in an urban area with a terminal nearby, it may make sense for you to use terminal-to-terminal transport instead and save money in the process.

No matter which option you choose, you will also need to choose the right auto transport service. Companies like RPM are ready and willing to meet all your car transport needs, whether you’re looking for a door or terminal service. 

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