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Reviver, Hansel Auto Group to Sell Digital License Plates

ReviverMX, Inc. announced a strategic alliance with Hansel Auto Group to sell the Reviver Rplate across Northern California.

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According to the agreement, Hansel will sell and install the Rplate as an accessory. Rplate sales will start at Hansel Auto Group’s flagship Ford dealership located in Santa Rosa. Hansel has secured the option of offering Reviver’s Rplates at the rest of their outlets in Northern California.

The Rplate, managed by a simple encrypted app, allows a user to automatically renew vehicle registration online without the need to deal with the stickers and associated Motor Vehicle Administration paperwork sent through the mail. The Rplate also offers a variety of personalization features.

“We are excited to be offering Reviver’s digital license plates and we would expect this product to be offered by most California dealerships in the near term,” said Henry Hansel, CEO of Hansel Auto Group. “As a recognized innovator in California’s automotive space, we’re quite selective about which accessories we choose to introduce to our customer base. The Rplate, we believe, offers drivers a highly intelligent and physically attractive option that will simplify their driving life. We anticipate that, following its introduction at our Santa Rosa location, the product will likely become standard issue on most of our select vehicles across Northern California.”


“Our Rplates add incremental value to the purchasing process,” said Neville Boston, Reviver founder and CSO.  “They are immediately noticed and complimented by customers and add a very positive dynamic to the conversation.”

Reviver’s Rplate and Rplate Pro are being sold in California and Arizona and are legal for driving across all 50 states. Eleven additional states are actively engaged in various stages of the adoption process. Both products can also be reviewed and purchased through Reviver’s website at

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