Rapid Recon: Vendor Advantage
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Rapid Recon: Vendor Advantage

This new offering gives dealers oversight of sublets and vendors to expedite the return of vehicles to reconditioning.


Anthony Greenhalgh, director of marketing and sales operations at Rapid Recon, discusses the company’s new Vendor Advantage program.

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With Vendor Advantage, Rapid Recon takes vendor management to the next level, giving fixed and recon operations managers control and simplicity to:

  • Add vendor users with restricted access to Rapid Recon on desktop and mobile – Vendors manage, track and report work in progress through completion like the process used by internal reconditioning
  • Explicitly assign and notify vendors when work is available, even outside of steps – Eliminate the back-and-forth frustration of missed phone calls and miscommunications
  • Receive notifications on pending approvals – Vendors know immediately when repair needs are approved, preventing false starts, delays, and frustration
  • Receive updates when work is completed – Enables transfer of vehicles back into the internal recon flow without delays that otherwise erode time to line efficiency
  • Request and manage work estimates – Eliminate paperwork, estimate-tracking complications, and expedites vendor payments
  • Message directly with vendors in real-time.

Visit RapidRecon.com to find out more on how you can improve your dealership’s recon process.

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