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Quantum Debuts New Frictionless Selling App Features to Help Salespeople Ditch the Scripts for Success

Quantum announced the release of Quantum 3.0 to further encourage and engage people-first training for dealer teams.

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In this newest feature release, Quantum introduces advanced levels of support through Disney-quality animation, audio streams and video streams all directed at making each and every member of your dealership a profit powerhouse through relationship-building techniques. 

“We decided to turn training on its head and create a learning tool that continues to engage long after the trainer has left the dealership,” said David O’Brien, co-founder and CEO of Quantum. “We train on the human skills people need to succeed in business today. We teach the learner how to build trust, find out people’s needs and address objections without a fight to keep the process moving smoothly. These are required skills in the digital retailing journey that our customers expect and deserve.”


Here’s how it works: 

1)      Quantum assigns a Community Manager builds relationship with your team, reinforces the learned skills and gives each team members the ability to thrive. 

2)      Next their Community Architects lead monthly strategy and accountability sessions, help managers and individuals set goals, digest store data to help your people thrive individually and visit the dealership for in person support every quarter. 

3)      Finally, the team is introduced to the Quantum app. In this first ever training sustainment tool, Quantum brings snackable training content to your team that enables them to learn at their own pace for success over time. The Quantum app becomes their own personal coach in their pocket.


Learners on the Quantum app will find game quality instruction, introduction of characters and social styles, new measuring techniques, a trading card game for handy reference and buy in, and Disney quality character animations to really dig into each individual’s unique buying style for the greatest success in Sales, Service, Parts and Fixed Ops. 

Some of the dealer groups already using Quantum are seeing impressive results after their first months of use through the building of profitable, lifetime-value with each and every guest. Effective labor rates are improving by $14.90, first call sales appointment rates at 47% and show rates as high as 75%, in addition, 67% of all clients have seen an increase in CSI rates month over month since their first month with Quantum.


If you’re interested in more information on Quantum and their frictionless, people first training programs, please visit sales.quantum5.ai/sell-more-cars for more information.

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