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PureCars Launches Signal Pro, a Multi-Channel Attribution Platform for Automotive Marketers

Dealers now have access to honest, full-funnel attribution insights to drive ad campaigns and improve sales.


PureCars, a digital technology company for the automotive industry, recently launched Signal Pro, the automotive marketer’s source for transparent sales attribution. The first-to-market solution takes attribution a step further, delivering real-time insights on stocking, merchandising and advertising. Signal Pro enables dealers to understand the true impact of digital media on shopper behavior and vehicle sales.

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Signal Pro is a cloud-based platform that delivers auto-specific attribution modeling, sales data and inventory data. The platform shows which channels are driving revenue, and identifies areas for improvement based on offline and online sources. The platform also tracks shopper engagement, drilling down to individual interactions and touchpoints along the path to purchase.

“Signal Pro is different from other attribution solutions for two reasons,” PureCars’ Chief Product and Strategy Officer Adam Phillips said. “First, we use a unique multi-touch data driven attribution model that is specifically designed for automotive and understands inventory. Secondly, we apply that model to measure intent-based signals from shopper interactions to give dealers a true view of each channel’s engagement with inventory and contribution to sales.”


Signal Pro’s valuable insights help dealerships:

  • Optimize digital merchandising on VDPs.
  • Accurately attribute sales to digital media channels.
  • Eliminate wasted budget by focusing spend on the most profitable channels.
  • Understand the shopper’s journey, and vehicles that are likely to sell soon, using features like ‘Path to the Sale’ and ‘Engagement Score.’

“The future of the auto industry requires anticipating what car buyers want and optimizing every experience along the buyer journey,” said Phillips. “PureCars continues to offer solutions that help automotive dealers anticipate needs, improve customer interactions and quickly move their inventory. Using tools like Signal Pro, dealers can quickly view actionable insights on the complex relationship between ad spend, customer behavior and vehicle sales.”

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