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New Phebi Software Makes it Possible for Organizations to Easily Voice-Enable its Website

Phebi's new release enables people to search, and even purchase, items from websites using only their voice.

With Phebi Search e-commerce sites get voice-enabled search and ordering, improved conversion rates, and support for people with disabilities.

Phebi Inc. (Phebi), a leader in v-commerce, recently announced a new release that enables people to search, and even purchase, items from websites using only their voice.

Retailers of all types make significant investments to get shoppers to their websites. But, due to slow, inaccurate, inaccessible and broken search functions, more than three of 10 product searches are in vain. This is especially an issue for industries such as automotive and real estate where purchase frequency is lower, and consumers do most of their pre-purchase research online rather than in person. Phebi’s accuracy-enhancing technology solves this problem while giving customers the option to shop by voice in an increasingly voice-first world.

With more than half of smartphone users already searching by voice and 65% of consumers 25 to 49 speaking to voice-enabled devices each day, it’s no surprise that voice commerce is expected to grow to $40B worldwide by 2022.

“Searching and shopping habits are changing more rapidly than most retailers realize,” said Mike Page, Phebi’s CEO. “People can use their smartphones to do almost anything with their voice, but once they get to most retailers’ websites, they have been forced to switch to typing to search for and purchase items. The new version of Phebi changes that – retailers who adopt Phebi now can gain a fundamental competitive advantage within days and be prepared to do business via voice during the upcoming holiday season.”

The highlights of Phebi’s feature-rich new release, which can be used to power mobile, desktop and in-app interactions include:

  • Instant search. Phebi search results populate as users type, without a page refresh.
  • Improved accuracy. Phebi’s contextual language modeling and automatic site indexing power better, faster search results.
  • Synonym and typo tolerance. Phebi understands what shoppers mean better than existing search solutions.
  • Lead generation. A built-in call-to-action capability invites consumers to connect with businesses (i.e. call me, text me, send me more information).
  • Real-time data. The Phebi dashboard illuminates opportunity by quantifying and displaying search trends.
  • Text search. Phebi now provides both voice and text-based search, enabling shoppers to talk when they want to talk and type when they want to type.
  • Support for people with disabilities. Phebi makes sites more accessible to the visually impaired as well as those who may struggle to use a traditional mouse and keyboard.


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