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Cool Boss Air Cooler Helps Protect Techs Against Heat-Related Illnesses

Providing a safe work environment for employees isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s the law. This includes protecting them from heat-related hazards that could potentially cause sickness or death.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) holds employers responsible for protecting workers from extreme heat under its General Duty Clause. OSHA’s Heat Illness Prevention Campaign points out the importance of establishing a heat illness prevention program to protect workers. The plan should include allowing workers to take rest breaks, providing access to water, training employees on the signs of heat-related illnesses and providing a cooler working environment.

The new Cool Boss portable evaporative air cooler provides a low‐cost, environmentally friendly way to keep shops cool and improve efficiency during the hottest summer months for about a dollar a day.

For a busy vehicle repair shop, keeping your team cool and comfortable during the summer can be challenging. Working outside in the heat can be brutal and if your shop is air-conditioned, vehicles constantly moving in and out of the shop will take your expensively chilled, conditioned air out right along with them. And running fans just blows around hot, humid air. It’s time to try something better.

The new Cool Boss portable evaporative air cooler provides a low‐cost, environmentally friendly way to keep shops cool and improve efficiency during the hottest summer months. Evaporative air coolers are the most cost-efficient way to keep the shop’s air fresh and cool. For just $1 per full 8-hour workday, the Cool Boss portable evaporative air cooler will quickly cool and clean the air in the shop.


The Cool Boss pulls in hot air through the back and cools it instantly using an evaporative media that reduces the air temperature by as much as 26 degrees. The Cool Boss’s oscillating swing-louvers push the air out in all directions, cooling down the whole shop at once. To promote a healthier shop environment, a negative air ionizer can be turned on or off. The ionizer charges air particles, causing dust and debris to stick to walls and the floor. This keeps the air cleaner and makes cleanup faster and easier.

“It’s hard for technicians to focus on their job when it’s really hot in the shop and it’s important to protect them from the heat,” says Dave Shedlock, national accounts director, BendPak. “For a fraction of the cost of air conditioning, the Cool Boss provides a cool and comfortable work environment where techs can be at their best. The improved air quality will improve your staff’s efficiency and attitude, protect your workers’ health and boost your shop’s bottom line.”

Cool Boss features a micro-computer programmed control panel with LCD display and comes with a remote control. A built‐in timer allows the unit to be programmed to turn on or off at pre-selected times. One large 30-inch diameter fan operates at three selectable speeds, and a thick cooling pad ensures even water distribution and reliable heat absorption. 


Because the Cool Boss air cooler is not an air conditioner, there are no costly high‐amp compressor motors, environmentally toxic chemicals and refrigerants or ducting to install. The machine uses ordinary tap water combined with forced air to reduce air temperatures. It’s easy to use — fill the high-capacity reservoir up with tap water (or connect to a garden hose for auto‐filling convenience), plug it into a standard 110V outlet and enjoy the cool work environment. The Cool Boss is also available in a 208-230V power configuration.

BendPak Inc.

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